Laboratory Safety Training

Staff who may come in contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials must complete the Bloodborne Pathogens online training module which is an annual OSHA requirement.  Laboratory personnel who use formaldehyde or formalin in their laboratory or work area must also complete the Formaldehyde online training module as this is also an annual requirement of OSHA.  The Hazardous Waste course which is a requirement of the LADEQ must be completed annually for those who generate chemical waste.  The Fire Safety course must be completed annually as per TU policy. 

In general laboratory safety training is performance-based, and it is up to the supervisor/principle investigator to determine which additional subjects best meet your training needs.  New employees must review all training topics pertinent to their laboratory environment.  Existing employees should check with their supervisor to determine which courses they may need to review.  It is recommended that all pertinent topics be reviewed at least every three years.

If there are any changes in chemicals, equipment, or procedures, then the appropriate safety training module must be completed by the lab staff.  Staff must be trained on the hazards associated with the materials that they use; must be aware of how to properly handle, store, use and dispose of these materials; must know the proper ways of protecting themselves from the hazards including the use of good work practices, engineering controls, and personal protective equipment; and must know emergency procedures.  If you have any questions, then please contact Pam Fatland at OEHS, 504-988-2800 or

Please go to the list of laboratory safety training online courses and click on the courses that you need to complete.  Quizzes at the end of the course go to individual training databases which are maintained by TU Innovative Learning and which are accessible by OEHS.  Course certificates can be printed upon successful completion of each quiz and can only be printed at that time.  Once you have logged out of the quiz, you cannot go back to print a copy of the certificate.  Check first with your supervisor to determine if they may require a copy of any safety training certificate.  Some accrediting and/or governmental agencies may require copies of these certificates.  Do not submit copies of these online training certificates to OEHS except by request.


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