Laboratory Door Label Request Form

Steps to submit the Laboratory Door Labels form:

  • Fill in all applicable boxes
  • Use the mouse to make a selection.
  • Click the 'Submit' button when finished

The form is automatically mailed to Pam Fatland when you submit it.

 This form ill be submitted to Pam Fatland, Manager Chemical Safety, Office of Environmental Health & Safety, TW16. For questions, call 988-2800. Please check which labels are needed for the laboratory door. For personal protective equipment labels, only check those items required for entry into the room. If this is an update of the current sign, please explain what changes need to be made (i.e., which labels need to be added or deleted). Note: Emergency information at the bottom of the sign is required and is also kept on file for emergency response purposes. If this information has changed, new stickers are available.



(Actual background signs, not labels)




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