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Dosimeter badges are used to measure amounts of radiation exposure. Through the use of dosimeter badges, employees working in areas where radiation or radioactive materials are present can be monitored to assure that exposure does not exceed safety standards. (Please refer to More Information About Radiation Dosimeter Badges & Monitoring Service and/or the Tulane University Radiation Safety Manual to determine requirements in your area.)

Tulane University, through its Office of Environmental Health & Safety (OEHS), provides a campus-wide program for issuing, collecting and analyzing dosimeter badges worn by employees and students in designated areas. With the help of LANDAUER, INC., a dosimeter analyzing service, OEHS processes 200 badges quarterly.

CHARLES REINDL, a certified radiological physicist and OEHS's Radiation Safety Officer, analyzes radiation exposure reports generated by Landauer. Charles is the person to contact with questions regarding an employee's exposure history. His phone number is 504 988-2867, or you may reach him via E-mail at

KAREN SIMON, OEHS' Campus Wide Dosimeter Badge Monitor, issues and collects all dosimeters for forwarding on to Landauer. Karen is the person to contact for setting up a monitoring program for your department. She handles questions or problems regarding required forms, distribution and collection of dosimeter badges, as well as any changes that might impact the monitoring program such as an employee's transfer to another department or lab, or the termination of the monitoring service. Karen's phone number is 504 988-2891 and her email address is


For more information about:

Forms required for initiating a dosimeter badge monitoring program, changes in participant status, lost or stolen badges, types of badges, etc, see MORE FILM BADGE INFORMATION


For more information about:         LANDAUER, INC. go to Who is Landauer, Inc. ?


  1. New Account Forms: Departments/Labs initiating a monitoring account, must complete the "New Series Account Forms" that provides billing information and designates a "contact" person to report to OEHS. Contact Karen Simon for forms.
  2. Monitoring Participant's Form: Each individual participating in a dosimeter badge monitoring program must complete a "Dosimeter Badge Monitoring Sevice Request" form. Forms are available at Tulane's Office of Environmental Health & Safety. (OEHS) Form must be completed in full and signed by applicant. Contact Karen Simon for forms.
  3. Changes or Termination of Service: Report any changes to a participant's status, e.g. name correction or change, transfer to another department/lab, or termination of monitoring service, to OEHS. Changes must be submitted, IN WRITING, by the department's contact person. Forward by campus mail to OEHS-TW16, or fax to 504 988-1693.
  4. Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Badges: Report ALL lost, stolen, or damaged badges ASAP so that replacements can be issued. If the badge is later recovered, return it via campus mail to OEHS-TW16, Attention: Karen Simon.
  5. Types of Badges/Who Should Wear Them: WHOLE BODY Badges, affixed to a lab jacket, should be worn by any employee working in an area where radioactive materials are present at certain levels. 

    Employees handling millicurie amounts of radioisotopes should wear a RING Badge in addition to a whole body badge. 

    A dosimeter badge is optional for users of weak beta emitters such as H-3, C-14, P-33, and S-35. 

    Pregnant women
    may request a second whole body badge, or BABY BADGE to wear at belt level. Please see Body Location Icons.(pdf document) 

  6. HOW TO:
    1. Insert, wear, and read film badges.
    2. Read the quarterly Radiation Dosimetry Reports posted in your work area: 
    3. Read annual Occupational Radiation Exposure Report: 
      • Carefully! Check for accuracy of name, social security number, date of birth and sign off that you have completed the review 
      • Questions about reports should be directed to Charles Reindl at 988-2867.
    4. To obtain a copy of your occupational exposure record: 

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