Fire Emergency


1.   Preplan your response to a fire emergency. Know where the nearest fire alarm, extinguisher, and
      fire exit stairwells are located.

2.   If you discover a fire...

2.   If you discover a fire...

Evaluate the situation.

Secure the immediate area by removing personnel.

Close door(s) to the room or area.

Activate the building fire alarm.

Phone 988-5555/ext.55555 downtown, or 865-5200/ext. 5200 uptown, or Primate Center 985-871-6411 and state the exact location of the fire.

Extinguish the fire as appropriate.

3.   Remember P.A.S.S., when using an extinguisher:

Pull the pin.

Aim nozzle at base of the fire.

Squeeze the handle, and

Sweep from side to side.

Be sure to use the properly rated extinguisher for the type of fire involved.

Type A - for use on wood, paper, cloth, and trash fires.
               DO NOT use on electrical or burning liquid fires.
Type B - for use on paint, oil, grease, and flammable liquids.
Type C - for use on electrical fires.

4.   Before entering fire room, feel the closed door with the back of your hand. If it is warm or hot to the
       touch, then do not open the door. Assist with evacuation and/or other functions. If the door is not
       warm or hot, then slowly open the door and extinguish the fire by applying the extinguishing agent
       at the base of the fire. Also, do not enter the room if it is filled with smoke, and never let the fire
       come between you and the door.

5.   If you hear the fire alarm...

Standby for evacuation orders if the building is equipped with a public address system. If there's no PA system, don't delay, evacuate the building immediately.

Use the nearest stairwell to exit the building.

Once outside, stay at least 100 feet from the building and do not interfere with fire department personnel and equipment.

Do not re-enter the building until an "All Clear" is issued by Tulane Police or Fire Department officials.

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