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Tulane University Safety Inservice Quiz

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Section-1: SAFETY MANAGEMENT True False
1. An example of an unsafe condition which must be reported to your supervisor is defective electrical power  cords.
2. If you are injured on the job, you must report this occurrence to Employee Health, through your supervisor. 
3. The Environmental Health & Safety Policies & Procedures Manual contains the Fire Emergency Plan and  other sections for TUHSC.
4. Employees, including physicians, must have a medical evaluation to wear a TB respirator, be inserviced on  how to wear the respirator, and be fit tested.

Section-2: LIFE SAFETY (FIRE)  True False
5. All fire extinguishers are designed to be used on all types of fires.
6. When using a fire extinguisher, an employee must follow the acronym, PASS which means, Pull the pin, Aim  the nozzle at the base of the fire, Squeeze the handles, and Sweep the base of the fire.
7.  To evacuate a patient care area in a healthcare facility, staff, patients, and visitors would stay on the same  floor and move from one smoke barrier zone to the other. Patients must be taken to an area where life  support is continued.
8.  In a healthcare facility after removing the occupants, staff do not have to close the doors to the fire area.

Section-3: EQUIPMENT and UTILITIES True False
9.   Users should know how to report problems involving electrical equipment.
10. Electrical receptacles with red covers indicate that they are connected to emergency generators.
11. If a handwashing sink does not have hot water, then an employee should report this occurence to  Maintenance.

12. Employees do not have to have access to Material Safety Data Sheets unless there is an injury.
13. Infectious waste containers must be properly labeled.
14. Non-biohazardous waste can be placed into red bags.

15. A Code Red generally means that there is a fire.
16. For an external disaster like a plane crash, ambulances with patients are to arrive at the healthcare facility for medical care.
17. Disaster drills are conducted each year at the hospital.

Section-6: SECURITY True False
18. To report an emergency security situation, you must contact TUHSC Police or the local police authorities,  depending on the location.
19. Employees must wear their identification badges when on TUHSC property. 
20. If you observe a suspicious individual or circumstance, you should try to apprehend the individual.
21. The TUHC Emergency Room post and the dispatchers station at the Medical School lobby are staffed  at all hours by a Police Officer.

Section-7: Radiation Safety for Patient Care
True False
22. You may immediately enter a room labeled "Caution, Patient Contains Radioactive Materials"
23. Specific information regarding the radiation therapy procedure being performed in a patient room can be  found in the patient's chart.
24. Visitors can remain in a radiation therapy patient room for any length of time.
25. Your radiation exposure can be reduced by utilizing: time, distance, and shielding.

Total number of Answers correct out of 25: _________

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