Hurricane Preparedness

When a hurricane threatens the New Orleans area, the University’s senior administrators will assess the storm and determine the level of campus preparation. The group will continue to track the storm and post updates on both the Tulane Alert Line and the Tulane Emergency website:
Each department should prepare a plan for safeguarding University property. The plan should include, as a minimum, procedures for safeguarding all critical equipment, research materials, and important documents. Contact information for all departmental personnel should be updated periodically and reviewed at the start of each hurricane season. Further guidance is available at the Office of Emergency Response website:

NOTE: Tulane Buildings are NOT official hurricane shelters designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Red Cross, or the City of New Orleans. Campus buildings will be secured and locked. All students, faculty, and staff must leave campus when instructed to do so. The University cannot ensure the personal safety of students, faculty, and staff who do not leave campus.

























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