General Safety (P & P Section 10)

1. If an inspector from an outside agency with jurisdiction or responsibilities for environmental health and safety (fire department, health department, insurance company, OSHA, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, etc.) contacts you or shows up in your area, please notify the OEHS immediately. An OEHS representative must accompany all representatives from these types of outside agencies.

2. Report any unsafe conditions/faulty equipment to your supervisor.

3. Store heavy items on lower and middle shelves.

4. Don't leave file drawers and cabinets pulled out when not in use. Only pull out one drawer at a time, otherwise the cabinet may become top heavy and fall.

5. Always use a ladder or step stool to reach high objects. Never stand on a chair or table.

6. Keep floors and walking surfaces clean and free of trip hazards such as electrical cords, phone lines, torn carpeting, broken tiles, etc.




























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