Equipment Transfer Information

Facilities Services will not move or dispose of any equipment that may contain or be contaminated with
hazardous materials unless it has been approved by the Office of Environmental Health & Safety
(OEHS).  This applies primarily to lab equipment such as refrigerators, freezers, centrifuges, ovens,
incubators, lasers, biological safety cabinets (BSCs), laminar flow workstations (LFWS), etc.   

Please note that BSCs should have internal (paraformaldehyde) decontamination prior to moving/disposal; also BSCs must be re-certified if they will be used in another location.   Please contact the OEHS to arrange
paraformaldehyde decontamination or certification.

Supervisors/Principal Investigators (PIs) are responsible for preparing potentially contaminated
equipment so that it is in a safe condition whenever the equipment is transferred (moved, serviced,
shipped, or disposed).  Preparations include decontaminating equipment and surfaces and removing
hazardous materials (chemicals, radioactive materials, biological materials, blood, sharps, etc.).  The
department or unit responsible for the equipment shall bear any costs associated with equipment transfer
including the costs of hazardous material disposal, cleanup, decontamination, and any regulatory fines if
they fail to prepare the equipment as required.

Once the equipment is decontaminated, the responsible Supervisor/PI must complete an Equipment
Transfer Certification form
for EACH piece of equipment and forward it to the OEHS via campus mail,

fax or hand delivery:



Upon receipt of a completed Equipment Transfer Certification form, OEHS personnel will inspect the

equipment and if all contaminants have been adequately removed, a green sticker will be placed on it.

The sticker will indicate that the piece of equipment has been inspected by OEHS and is approved for



Please note that an IT must be issued to Facilities Services by the Supervisor/PI to have the equipment


Any department that is either relocating or disposing of equipment that bears a Tulane Asset tag (bar

code) must inform the Office of Movable Property Management (Uptown 865-5219; Downtown

988-2742) so that inventory records can be edited accordingly. Please review Property Management

Policies and Procedures found at Asset change forms (found in the

“Documents & Forms” section of the website) must be completed and sent to Property Management so

that they can either transfer the asset to a new location or retire it if it is being discarded.


Other Situations:

If hazardous materials cannot be removed or the equipment decontaminated:

The equipment must be labeled with a statement and appropriate labels describing which

portions remain contaminated and how it is contaminated. This information must be conveyed to

all involved including Facilities Services personnel, the servicing representative, the

manufacturer, the shipper, and/or the disposer prior to transfer so that appropriate precautions

can be taken. Contact the OEHS for assistance.

If disposal or transfer of hazardous materials is needed:

Contact the OEHS Hazardous Waste Supervisor (988-2865) or the Chemical Safety Manager

(988-2800) prior to the transfer.

If there is a possibility that equipment may be contaminated with radioactive materials or for
disposal or transfer of radioactive materials:

A radiation survey may be necessary. Contact the OEHS Radiation Safety Manager (988-2867) prior to the transfer. Radioactive sources may require shielding for safe transport.

If biological materials (such as select agents or toxins) need to be transferred:

Contact the Director of Biosafety (988-0300).

If equipment containing hazardous (chemical, radioactive, biological) materials must be
transported over public roads:

Transportation of hazardous materials on public roads requires a DOT (Department of

Transportation) certified driver. Contact the OEHS Hazardous Waste Supervisor (988-2865). In

preparing for transport, verify that the equipment is properly packaged to prevent release or

spillage. Appropriate shipping containers and labeling may be needed.

For other questions regarding equipment transfer, please contact OEHS at 988-5486.

Click here to download an Equipment Transfer Certification form.


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