bloodborne pathogens training course


Introduction to the Bloodborne Pathogens Course

It will take approximately 25 to 30 minutes to navigate through the PowerPoint presentation and take the quiz located at the end to demonstrate mastery of the material covered.  After you complete the quiz and score at least 80% you will receive credit for participation and be able to print a certificate of completion to keep with your records.

Who should complete the bloodborne pathogens course?
Annual bloodborne pathogens training is required for all Tulane University employees who may reasonably be expected to be exposed to blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) while performing assigned job duties. These job duties can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • drawing of blood from human patients or processing blood for experimentation
  • using human blood, body fluids, or unfixed human tissue in experimentation
  • working in an area where HIV or HBV is produced or research is being performed
  • cleaning glassware or disposing of waste contaminated with human blood or OPIM
  • transporting or handling containers of infectious waste, human blood, or OPIM
  • working in a laboratory where equipment or work benches can become contaminated either by a spill or accident with blood or OPIM
  • cleaning blood spills, including dried blood
  • handling laundry soiled with blood, OPIM, or sharps (includes needles, scalpels, etc.)
  • performing lifesaving procedures including CPR
  • work that may involve first aid, removing bandages or have potential exposure to blood or OPIM in any way

Please choose one of the presentations below based on your specific needs. The TNPRC presentation includes information for employees who work with nonhuman primates.

Instructions:  If you are viewing the following presentations in Powerpoint:

  • You must view the Powerpoint Presentation in "Slide Show-View" in order for you to click on the "Proceed to Quiz" button.
  • You must use your Tulane e-mail account "log-in" and "password" to enter into the exam.

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