Publicizing Your Site

When you communicate a new URL in the content management system, be sure not to include "www." Notice that the Tulane home page is

Some departments choose to have other URLs that redirect to their CMS site, and it is okay to promote those instead. Keep in mind that sites are more secure to stay live during an emergency, than other URLs like or

emergency We suggest that you double check URLs in the final proof before printing  or e-mailing them.

We also advise that you be careful in not printing URLs that can get outdated. For instance, instead of sending out a letter that mentions a specific link, direct readers to go to your main site and tell them where to look/click and possibly post them under a “what’s new” or “announcements” area on your home page. Here is a an example:

  • NOT SUGGESTED: See the full letter at
  • SUGGESTED: See the full letter at our website:; and click "Programs"



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