Update on home page redesign - February 4, 2012

We have received a lot of useful feedback about the new home page design, both from website visitors and a committee that will be guiding the next stages of the website redesign.

This latest version of the home page puts links that are of use to our various constituents front-and-center, and moves the quick links to the top menu bar, making them even easier to find.

This update to the home page is just the first step in a larger redesign of the Tulane website. Future improvements include making the design “responsive” so it fits a variety of screen sizes, applying the design to other sections of the website, re-doing “audience” pages like the Faculty & Staff and Students pages, and updating the overall navigation.

Please continue to send in feedback, even if it’s just to let us know that you would be interested in participating in focus groups or helping to test the website. People who have already commented about the website may be contacted to provide further input over the course of these efforts.

January 8, 2012

A number of people have taken the time to send in comments about the new look for the Tulane home page. The web communications group has read each of them carefully and has been making changes to the page based on that feedback.

The most common comments were related to the position of the schools & colleges links and the quick links. We also got some good suggestions related to the placement of social media icons and about colors and fonts. We are working on an updated design that incorporates many of these ideas.

Some feedback relates to broader concepts like the overall navigation structure of the site and its functionality on different screen sizes. These ideas will be invaluable as we work on a more comprehensive redesign of the website that will launch later this year.

We are very grateful for all the comments we have received so far and hope to continue to receive feedback from our website throughout the redesign process.

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