Troubleshooting Tips


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Browser Alerts

Warnings about secure/insecure or mixed content - To turn these messages off, Firefox gives you a checkbox to select whether or not you want to continue receiving these messages. For Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level > Display mixed content, and click 'Enable'. (This is about halfway through the list.)


Container icons not appearing - Try to reload the page. Or there’s a toggle button called 'Show Container Tools' at the top to the left of 'Tools & Information.'

Gears for elements you want to edit not appearing - These elements may be on your template, particularly if they are for your site menu or sidebar content that appears on every page of your site. Get to your template by going to Properties & Actions>Template Hierarchy. Click the name of your template, then you can go into edit mode to change the items on it.

External link not working - In the CMS, make sure that you do not copy and paste in extra space(s) at the end of a URL; that can cause the hyperlink to fail. For extremely long URLs that are difficult to copy and paste, we suggest you convert them to short URLs using a service like

Cut/Paste in Firefox - Your browser is configured to not allow direct access to the clipboard via any of the Rich Text Editor buttons. 

Workaround – You can use the Control(PC) Key. For Macs it is the "Command Key" instead.

  • Ctrl + X = Cut
  • Ctrl + C = Copy
  • Ctrl + V = Paste

Fix option 1 – This process is the easiest ... For up to Firefox 3.5 you can update your Clipboard Helper plug-in:

  1. Install the add-on:
  2. Close and re-open Firefox
  3. Go to Tools > Allow Clipboard Helper
  4. Add the server name:
  5. Close and re-open Firefox

For Firefox 3.5.1 and higher try:

Fix option 2 - This manual process is difficult ... click the link for the instructions:

Finding an Unlinked Page

It happens. Contributors lose pages that are not linked from a subsite. Here are some tips to find a lost page:

  1. If it is a page you created, see "My Pages" under "Properties & Actions."
  2. You can search using the "Page Finder" under "Tools & Information."
  3. If you know, go to the template that was used, then select "Template Hierarchy" under "Properties & Actions." Now open up the "Pages or Templates deriving from this template."


Image appears in Firefox browser but not Internet Explorer. Check that the file is

  • 72 dpi
  • RGB Color Mode
  • jpeg file


Printing difficulty - The CMS allows pages to print from Internet Explorer or Safari (for Macs), but not Firefox. You can print any page by adding the following text to any URL:

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