Proofreading & Page Maintenance

Proofreading. All pages should be free of factual, grammatical, inconsistency and spelling errors. In addition to using a spell-checker, proofread text and alt image text carefully. Double-check phone numbers, statistics, dates, titles, etc. Have a “second set of eyes” review it. After you make any changes from that review, have a "third set of eyes" review it.

Page Integrity

  • Verify links are accurate and working.
  • Make sure all images have alt text.
  • Make sure colors have contrast.

Test each link and alt text manually or use a link & image code checker — such as Dr. Watson — to test the entire page. Tulane's content management system also will validate links, though it does not check for alt images.

Browser Verifications

View each page with multiple browser types and versions, e.g., Mozilla/Firefox 1.0 and higher (for Mac and PC platforms) and Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher (for PCs only) and at various monitor resolutions (a desktop and a laptop).

Reviewing Existing Pages

Tulane's content management system allows you to set expiration dates and/or freshness reminders for each page. Pages should be reviewed no less than once a year for accurate content. Regularly updating content will move your site up in search engine results. Examples:

  • External links should be checked monthly to ensure they are operating.
  • Set a reminder for when a posted event is over.
  • If you mention Tulane is ____ years old, schedule to update the information on October 1 of each year, e.g., Current year-1834=____ years old.

On Tulane's content management system, make "inactive" any old pages on your website so the and other search engines can't index them. If your website is on another server outside of Tulane's CMS, then move the old page, which you want to save, to a separate archive folder. On any server, if your old pages are not worth archiving, then delete them entirely.


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