Embed a Video on Your Page

Samples of this element:

1. Click to insert new element --> Multimedia elements --> Video Embed.

2. Click "Embed your video here."

3. In the New Custom Element Data menu, add an optional title for your video.

video embed data screenshot

4. Fill in the width in pixels of the size you want the video to be.

5. Fill in the video ID for your video. In these examples, the video ID is in bold.

  • YouTube:
  • Vimeo:
  • Vine:

6. Set the aspect ratio for your video. In most cases wide is best, but normal is better for Vines.

7. Choose correct video service for your video.

8. Hit Save.

9. When page reloads, click on the gear next to the slider element -- click more -- Custom Render Handlers.

10. Select the 3rd option "Video Embed" and hit next.

video embed render handler screenshot

11. Submit your page and view on to verify that the video displays correctly to the public.

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