Add an Image Slider to Your Page

Samples of this element:

1. Click to insert new element --> Image elements --> Image Slider.

2. Click "define your image properties here."

3. In the New Custom Element Data menu, fill in the height and width in pixels of the images you are using in the slider.


4. Type in delay time (the # of seconds in between image transitions).

5. Select blue or gray for the title and caption background color.

6. Select the link location for any url associated with the images from the drop down menu.

7. Upload all 10 images (repeat images if necessary to complete the 10).

8. Fill in the corresponding links, titles and captions for each photo you upload.

9. Hit Save.

10. When page reloads, click on the gear next to the slider element -- click more -- Custom Render Handlers.

11. Select the 3rd option "Image Slider" and hit next.


12. Depending on your browser, the slider may not appear correctly on the page on the authoring server. Submit your page and view on to verify that the slider displays correctly to the public.

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