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As the follow-up step to creating your page and entering the standard properties, you are now ready to design your page and enter the custom properties.



When creating a new page the custom properties tab appears after you complete the standard properties. Otherwise, you can revise it later by accessing  it in the edit page view:

  1. Click on "Properties" in the menu at the top of the page (first item, on the far left)
  2. Select 'Custom'
  3. Revise 'HeaderLayout' and/or 'PageLayout'

Header Layout

Within a subsite, you will typically assign all the pages with the same type of header layout. You can choose from one of several designs with various features.

Normal (Not for Departmental Use)

sample header layout

This header contains the full navigation bar, search box, audience pages & 4 shortcut links (Calendar...) without the unit's name.


Department Name with Full Navigation

sample header layout

Same as Normal header with the addition of unit's name.


Department Name with No Navigation

sample header layout

Header with unit's name and search box only.


Department Name Below Header with No Navigation

sample header layout

Unit name moves to blue horizontal bar; includes search box.


Department Name Opposite Logo with No Navigation and No Search

sample header layout

Unit name moved to right side; no other features.


Page Layout

For the design elements below the Header, go to
Next Step >>> Page Layout.


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