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You have to be an authorized user before creating pages in the CMS. If you have any questions about the permissions in your site, see your site administrator. 

  1. Login to the CMS 
  2. Click on pencil icon on top right hand corner and navigate to "My Commonspot" 
  3. Click on "New" in top menu and select "Page..." from drop down menu 
  4. Select the appropriate destination subsite for your new page and click "Next" 
  5. Click on "Departmental" to expand template list
  6. Find & click your site template 

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Name = the URL extension for the page, e.g.,

  • Use all lowercase and no spaces in the site name.  Examples: "about", "contact", or "staff"
  • When more than one word, we suggest hyphens, which will improve search results. Examples: "science-lab" or "graduate-student-admission"
  • Each subsite (folder) needs a page called 'index' (for the main page of that subsite)


Standard Metadata

Include a clear descriptive title within tags. This title should be short,  1-3 words. You do not have to include a reference to Tulane. Documents and hyperlinks in the Tulane's content management system will be internally indexed by the title of the page. For example,

  • Good: "Undergraduate Admission"
  • Avoid unnecessary: "Office of Undergraduate Admission" or "Tulane University Undergraduate Admission"

Also avoid special characters like "&"; use "and" instead. 

  • Good: "News and Events"
  • Avoid problems with external publishing: "News & Events"

Title Bar Caption


It will be displayed externally by search engines, in browser's caption bars, browser tabs and user bookmarks. In most cases this will be the same as the 'Title.'  For example,

  • Good: "A. B. Freeman School of Business."  By default within Tulane's content management system it will appear as "Tulane University  - A. B. Freeman School of Business."


<meta name=description>

The page description will be the text that shows up in search engines under your hyperlinked title bar. Try to keep it to under 17 words, as more will not likely show.

For example, you might want descriptive:

  • "Information for students, researchers and patients. Employment listings, research facilities and health information. Located in New Orleans, Louisiana."

Or include contact information:

  • "CME credits for doctors. Phone: 504-988-5466 or 800-988-5300. E-mail: Located in New Orleans, Louisiana.


<meta name=keywords>

Also known as metatags, these could help specialized search engines find your page and rank it higher in results. Many search engines only read the first 15-25 terms — each separated by commas — so keep that in mind. You can create high-impact keywords with a free service like WordStream and/or test your keywords on Google.

  • The first keyword for all users' content should be either their subsite name (eg, "studentaffairs") or department abbreviation ("CPS")  ♦ This can be set in the subsite administration to automatically appear, so users do not have to enter it each time.
  • Use lowercase, except for those abbreviations and in proper names
  • Only use a-z, 0-9, dashes and underscores; no quotes, apostrophes, #s, etc.
  • If a word is included in another, you do not need to repeat it. So if we use "undergraduates," we do not need to use "graduate" nor "undergraduate" (singular) also.

    NOTE:  Tulane's content management system will alpha order the keywords after you submit them to the system.

Tulane recommended keywords are:

  • Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, universities, undergraduates, academics, college, faculty, higher education, research, school, architecture, business, engineering, law, liberal arts, Newcomb, medicine, public health, primate, science, social work, service learning, Scott Cowen, Green Wave

The terms "Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana" are set by default on all pages, so you will only need to add  others for your specific pages. For example, the Newcomb Art Gallery might use:

  • liberal arts, Newcomb, gallery, pottery, ceramics, paintings, artists, exhibits, …

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