Contributors > Create Links

    1.    Open the element you want to edit.
    2.    Highlight with your cursor all of the text from which to link.
    3.    Click the 'Insert Link' button on the tool bar.
    4.    A new pop up menu will appear:


Link Action tab – no link appears by default. To change the link action, click on the drop down list next to "New Type" -- To link to an existing page, choose "Page or Bookmark on Page"
Then click on the "Choose from current sub site" button. A new pop-up menu will appear - "Choose Page - Search Results"
Scroll through the list of pages to find the one you want to link to. To select your page, click the checkbox to the far right of the page and then click on "Use Highlighted Page" at the bottom right.


You will be taken back to the first pop-up menu and the title/url of the page you selected will be shown. Link display will default to Normal Link but you can click on the drop down menu to change it to No Underline or Underline on mouse over. Once you have finished, click Save at the bottom right.


The page will re-load with your linked text.

To link to an external page:

Choose "Unregistered url or Relative Internal url" from the drop down menu


Link to New Uploaded File:

    1.    Select this option and then click 'Next.'
    2.    Click the 'Browse' button to find the file on your computer.
    3.    Enter the metadata information about the file and then click 'Next' to finish.

Link to Image

    1.    Select this option and the click 'Next.'
    2.    Click the 'Gallery' button to find an image already saved in CommonSpot's Image Gallery or select 'New' to add a new image.
    3.    Enter the information about the image and then click 'Finish.'


E-mail Link

    1.    After selecting the "E-mail Link" button, type or paste in the recipient's e-mail address.
    2.    Click 'Finish.'


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