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Deleting or moving several files at once

  1. Go to 'Properties & Actions' tab 
  2. Select 'My Pages' 
  3. Check off the files you want to move or delete
  4. Select the appropriate button: 'Move Selected Pages...' or 'Delete Selected Pages...'

Cleaning up your subsite image gallery 

  1. Go to 'Tools & Information' tab 
  2. Select 'Image Gallery' 
  3. Select designated subsite _______ and press 'show  images' 
    Only images that are "public" or entered by the  current user will appear 
  4. Delete each image by clicking the  'X'

    NOTE: if you delete something that is being used, it  will be gone from the page -- If it is being used it will give you a warning  "This image is currently in use on one or more pages and/or elements."
    In order to see which pages click the pencil icon below the image and choose:  'Referring Pages'


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