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Welcome to Food Land

January 8, 2005

Suzanne Johnson
Michael DeMocker

While the rest of the world frantically counts grams of carbohydrates and restaurants scramble to figure out new ways to serve protein as a complete meal, New Orleans is abuzz: There's a new restaurant in town. Chances are, that restaurant will not skimp on crusty French bread or savory sauces.

tulanianfall04_foodIf called for, there will be battering and frying. Butter will flow like cream, and cream will be on the table. It's the Big Greasy, the City That Calories Forgot, the Crescent Roll City. For better or worse, New Orleans doesn't care if the food is good for you--only that it's good food.

Tulanians are not immune to the gustatory grasp of the city we love. In the pages that follow, you will meet 13 of them who've made food their life's work here in the alternate world we call Food Land. From the white linen of Arnaud's, Bacco, Galatoire's or Gabrielle to the funkiness of Jacques-Imo's or the slurping sounds of downed oysters at Acme Oyster House, join us as we stroll through some of the sights and tastes our fellow Tulanians have to offer.

And take your time. Like a good gumbo, a walk through the tastes of New Orleans shouldn't be rushed.

Mike Rodrigue - Acme Oyster House
Archie and Jane Casbarian - Arnaud's Ralph O. Brennan - Bacco, Red Fish Grill, Ralph's on the Park and The Jazz Kitchen--Disneyland Bradley Gordon - Bayou Bagelry Jimmy Urrate - Bruning's Seafood Jeff Cooperman - Coop's Place Robert Nelson - Elmer Candy Nanci Easterling - Food Art Gregory Sonnier - Gabrielle Restaurant David Gooch - Galatoire's Sam Scelfo - Gambino's Bakery Jacques Leonardi - Jacques-Imo's Cafe, Crabby Jack's and Jacques-Imo's Cafe--New York Kay Roussell - Caterer and Chef Good Eats


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