Experts for Your Holiday Stories, from Tulane University

November 19, 2007

Kathryn Hobgood
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Are You in a Holiday Shopping Mood?
Consumer behavior researcher Harish Sujan at Tulane University's A.B. Freeman School of Business has conducted retail research that looks at shoppers' personalities. Merchants hoping to enter the black this holiday shopping season should know that "sometimes "less is more" when it comes to placating disgruntled customers, and it all depends on whether the customer is an optimist or pessimist. Contact: or (504) 865-5074

Holiday Ideas for Eating Healthier and Eating Well
Tulane nutritionist Timothy Harlan is one who believes that you should splurge on holidays, but not overdo it when you eat. Here are a few ideas to help you eat lighter and healthier at the holidays. Office parties at the end of the day can be a pitfall--we go to them with an empty stomach and confront all that tempting food. Solution: cut up an apple or have a handful of nuts before you go. Watching the clock while the turkey is roasting? Go out and play some touch football or throw a Frisbee--spending just 45 minutes burning some calories will go a long way to a healthy holiday. Football on the tube? For snacking it’s key to keep the healthiest things on hand. Nuts and popcorn (choose the 100 calorie mini-bags) are a fantastic choice for those salty/savory snackers in your household. Contact: or (504) 931-2929

Christmas in Louisiana
Historian Kevin Scott Fontenot is a Louisiana native and an expert on Cajun music and culture. He can talk about traditions unique to New Orleans and Louisiana during the holidays, such as levee bonfires, Cajun and Creole food dishes, Reveillon dinners, Papa Noel, and local musical celebrations. or (504) 891-7384.

Mental Health Issues
The Tulane School of Social Work has several experts who can discuss mental health issues that are particularly difficult during the holidays. Associate Dean Jane Parker can discuss depression, anxiety, stress, and grief., or 504-862-3493, and Professor Richard Ager is available to speak on the topic of addiction – gambling, alcohol, or narcotics. Contact: or (504) 862-3470

Traveler's Health
Infectious disease specialist Susan McLellan conducts a travel medicine clinic at Tulane University in New Orleans. McLellan provides preventive health tips for people traveling internationally, including health considerations, such as the possible impact of altitude sickness on a long-planned mountain vacation. The clinic offers vaccines and preventive remedies for diseases that are common in the developing world, such as yellow fever and malaria. Contact: or (504) 988-6017

Highway Safety
School of Continuing Studies instructor Ronald Jones can discuss public safety initiatives regarding highway travel and can provide statistics on dangers such as DWI and underage drinking. In addition, Jones is an expert in police administration -- from law enforcement ethics and standards, policies and procedures, to use of force and the occasional vehicle pursuit. Contact: or (504) 723-3712

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