Mental Health and the Aftermath of Katrina

April 5, 2007

Michael Strecker
Phone: (504) 865-5210

What: Forensic Psychiatry Post-Katrina: Lessons Learned Post-Disaster

When: April 13 - 15, 2007

Where: Chateau Sonesta Hotel, 800 Iberville St.

More: Speakers and workshops will address topics including: Degree of damage to the area's psychiatric infrastructure after Katrina and the resulting impact on law enforcement agencies; Clinical research updates on post-traumatic stress disorder in preschool children; Evacuation needs for the elderly and disabled Critique of current community-based batterer-intervention programs.
The conference is for psychiatrists, attorneys, neurologists, psychologists and allied mental health professionals, who will earn continuing medical education credits for attending. To register and for detailed program information visit

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5000