Tulane Experts Available on Top Issues in the News

August 25, 2005

Kathryn Hobgood
Phone: 504-865-5229

Tulane experts are available to comment on some of today's biggest issues, including obesity, famine, orphans, emotional effects of war, Middle Eastern conflicts and rising gasoline prices. 

Rising Gasoline Prices

Business professor Peter Ricchiuti is an expert on the financial markets and the oil and gas industry. He can discuss the impact of a volatile Middle East on the stock market and on the price of gasoline. or 504.862.8489 Eric Smith of the Entergy-Tulane Energy Institute can discuss energy matters such as oil, gas, alternative fuels and the environment. He is an expert on the economic development of liquid natural gas (LNG). or 504.865.5031

Take a Bite Out of the Obesity Epidemic 

Obesity may soon overtake tobacco use as a leading cause of death in America. According to Tom Farley, chair of community health sciences at Tulane and author of "Prescription for a Healthy Nation," building more walkable, bikeable neighborhoods and ridding schools and workplaces of junk foods are among the policy changes that could take a bite out of the obesity epidemic. or 504.988.6017 

Attacking Famine on Two Fronts: Poverty and Drought 

In order to prevent famine like that in Niger, countries must consider ways to reduce poverty and prepare for times of drought, says John Mason, professor of international health and development at Tulane. Mason has extensive experience with chronic malnutrition and development problems in addition to refugee situations and acute food crises. or 504.988.6017 

Hope for Orphans of Disease and War 

Orphaned children are a growing population group worldwide. According to Tulane child and adolescent psychiatrist Charles Zeanah, orphans will fare better if they are cared for by an emotionally invested, consistently caring adult. or 504.988.5402 

War for Hearts and Minds Is Hard on Minds 

Soldiers returning from the war in Iraq face the possibility of post traumatic stress disorder as they readjust to life at home. Psychologist Fred Sautter has extensive experience working with PTSD patients and studying the disorder. or 504.988.6017 

Achieving Peace in the Gaza Strip: Palestinian/Israeli Relations 

Political science professor Gary Remer can discuss religious tolerance and Jewish religious law. or 504.862.8303 

Boumediene Belkhouche, a professor of engineering, is the faculty sponsor for the Muslim Student Association. He can speak to the importance of greater understanding of Islamic cultures. or 504.862.3372 

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