Tulane Experts on Sundry Summer Woes

July 19, 2005

Kathryn Hobgood
Phone: 504-865-5210

Tulane experts can discuss a variety of summer woes -- both past and present -- from little mosquitos to giant hurricanes. The Buzz About Mosquito Season
Mosquito hunter and medical entomologist Dawn Wesson is available to provide advice about protecting yourself from mosquitoes. Wesson is developing a "mosquito motel" to target the mosquito that carries both yellow fever and dengue fever, diseases that continue to plague the developing world. Dawn Wesson, or 504.988.2643 

Yellow Fever Free Century
This summer marks the 100th anniversary of the last outbreak of yellow fever in the City of New Orleans. The disease that used to shut down this city and other port cities around the country has been eradicated from the area, but has left an indelible mark on our history. Shane Hodgson, chief of information services at the Rudolf Matas Medical Library at the Tulane University Medical School is available to comment on the history of yellow fever in this city. Shane Hodgson, or 504.988.2402 

Traveler's Health
Infectious disease specialist Susan McLellan conducts a travel medicine clinic at Tulane University in New Orleans. McLellan provides preventive health tips for people traveling internationally, including health considerations, such as the possible impact of altitude sickness on a long-planned mountain vacation. The clinic offers vaccines and preventive remedies for diseases that are common in the developing world, such as yellow fever and malaria. Susan McLellan, or 504.988.6017 

Highway Safety
University College instructor Ronald Jones can discuss public safety initiatives regarding highway travel and can provide statistics on dangers such as DWI and underage drinking. In addition, Jones is an expert in police administration -- from law enforcement ethics and standards, policies and procedures, to use of force and the occasional vehicle pursuit. Ronald Jones, or 504.723.3712 

Surviving Hurricane Season
Tulane researcher Michael Zakour, associate professor of social work and director of the Disaster and Volunteerism Research Center, doubts that most households in New Orleans are prepared for a hurricane like the "big one" we all fear. His research team spent four years analyzing the city's level of preparedness and has practical recommendations for individuals, community organizations and agencies in New Orleans that will make managing disasters much easier. Michael Zakour, or 504.865.5314 

Natural Disasters
Geology professor Stephen A. Nelson is an expert on natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods. He maintains worldwide disaster logs on these events and others, such as tropical cyclones, tornadoes, avalanches and meteorite impacts. Stephen Nelson, or 504.862.3194

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