"The Slow Track is the Right Track"

July 5, 2003

David Leiva
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David Halberstam addressing the graduates and 
In the very back of the noisy and crowded faculty robing room David         
Halberstam sat on a worn brown couch reading over his speech. Above 
  him hung a large photo of former New Orleans Saints linebacker Pat 
Swilling. But a last-minute read proved difficult for Halberstam as faculty 
members stopped by, lauding him for his scores of published books. He 
politely stood up and chatted, before returning to his prepared oration. 
If the interruptions bothered him, he didn't show it. 
On the Superdome floor where the hard-charging Swilling is fondly 
re-membered, Halberstam later managed to deliver his own hit: a 
commencement address peppered with colorful, often funny anecdotes 
hope and determination. There's a simple way to achieve happiness in 
glimpse of existence called life, he said. Find what makes you happy. 
 David Leiva is a former member of the Office of Publications. Upon graduating from University College last month, he took a full-time assignment with the Associated Press.

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