A Focus on Partnerships

April 1, 2003

Suzanne Johnson

Each early spring for the past four years, Tulane faculty, staff, students and alumni have had the opportunity to review something relatively uncommon in academia: an online annual report that takes the place of the bulky printed reports produced by most universities. The 2002 Report of the President, entitled "Partnerships," became available online March 10 at

This year's report has several distinctions over previous years. "This is the first time we've used the new logo and visual identity system in the president's report," said Deborah Grant, assistant vice president for university communications. "We were also able to take advantage of the growing expertise of our in-house professionals. So this year, more was done on campus."

The site also is easier to access, even for those with slower Internet connections. "We have in the past been somewhat enchanted with the bells and whistles, but over the years we've evolved in our use of technology, and this year have come up with something that's both nice to look at and user-friendly," Grant said.

The 2002 report focuses on the partnerships in which Tulane is engaged with other univer- sities, with federal and state agencies, with individuals or with foundations, Grant said. A number of partnershipsthe Center for Infectious Diseases and the Leanne Knot Violence Against Women Prevention Project, for examplehelp Tulane work toward a stronger society.

Others, such as the Louisiana Alliance for Education Reform and the Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium, also work for a stronger region and community. A third category of partnerships focuses on those that strengthen the university itself.

Examples include the Tulane Interdisciplinary Experiences program and donors that enable Tulane to undergo capital improvements. This year's report also presents the full financial account of the university online for the first time. The annual report is an important communication tool for the university, Grant said.

"It's like our State of the Union message. It gives an idea of what Tulane has accomplished and what the university has set as priorities."

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