Tuition Waiver Remains Significant Benefit

September 12, 2002

Nick Marinello

As the fall semester begins, many Tulane staff members are taking advantage of one of the institution's nicest perks: the employee tuition waiver. Anne Banos, chief of staff who this summer was appointed to oversee the Office of Human Resources, wants to make sure that members of the Tulane community are accurately informed about the waiver.

"This is an exceptional benefit," says Banos, "and we want everyone to not only understand the nature of the benefit, but their responsibilities in using it."

Specifically, she points to confusion about the amount of credit hours available through the tuition waiver. According to guidelines set forth on the human resources Web page (http://www.tulane. edu/~hr),

"Each semester, eligible employees may receive exemption from the payment of tuition, but not university fees, for two courses or six credit hours, whichever is greater, at the undergraduate or graduate level."

The guidelines, which were updated in August, better reflect a 1995 decision by the university to change the earned number of credit hours for most courses from four to three, says Banos. Two courses that would have amounted to eight credit hours before 1995 now total six credit hours. Yet there are some courses, such as English 101 and Math 111, that remain four-hour courses. It is possible to take two four-hour courses, says Banos, because the two-course maximum has not been exceeded.

Banos also wants employees to know that the university will strictly enforce the deadline for which to turn in tuition-waiver forms. For the fall semester, all forms must be turned in to the human resources office by Nov. 1.

"People should know that we will not accept waiver forms that are late," says Banos. "If they don't turn the form in on time, they will be responsible for paying the tuition themselves."

The tuition waiver is a substantial benefit, says Banos. A three-credit-hour course taken through University College, for example, costs $672. Tuition waivers are offered to all full-time staff members who have completed the six-month probationary period. After an employee has completed three years of full-time service, the waiver is extended to his or her spouse and dependent children.

There is no waiting period for faculty members or their dependents. Tuition-waiver forms are available at the human resources office and soon will be available from the human resources Web site.

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