Reily Center Revamps

November 18, 1999

Jessie Morgan

The Reily Student Recreation Center has returned from its annual mid-August summer break refreshed and rejuvenated. If you enter the building the day before we close and then again on the day we reopen, the change is just remarkable, says Kathlyn Broussard, associate director of membership and conference services in the campus recreation department.

One of the new additions to the Reily Center is a room dedicated to spinning, the popular no-impact workout on stationary bikes. "People wanted more commitment to spin," says Broussard. "In past semesters we'd have to take the bikes out and work in an aerobics studio."
Spinning is an intense mix of cycling and aerobics with an emphasis on atmosphere.

"The sport itself is about visualization," says Missie McGuire, director of campus recreation. "The idea is to create an atmosphere where the instructor gets you into a zone. Youre talked through the whole workout."
To set the scene for spin classes, the center converted one of its squash courts into a permanent spin studio during the 10-day summer break by dropping the ceiling, painting it black and installing strobe lighting and a stereo system.

This fall also brings changes to the arrangement of the center's weight room. "We've reconfigured our weight room to improve the traffic patterns," McGuire says. "We set the machines up in circuits so that a person unfamiliar with how to do a workout will be able to work their way through the room."
The center staff hopes the new traffic patterns will keep the machines from becoming gender-specific.

"The free weights in the old position seemed to be male territory, and women felt they shouldn't be in there," says McGuire. "The cardiac machines as well were not as heavily used by both groups, and we hope that this way, both the men and women will have to go through the area, allowing for more shared space."
The center also offers a number of new classes this fall, including techno hip-hop, aromatherapy and foot reflexology. Another change adopted over the summer is a new category of evergreen membership that allows people to join the center once and pay for the membership through checking-account transfers or payroll deduction over a 12-month period.

"On our tenth anniversary, we did our homework, and found over 400 members that had been with us since we opened," says Broussard. "We figured these people shouldn't have to come in year in and year out to renew."
The payment methods and the cost of membership are the same as the regular yearly membership. The membership will remain valid until the evergreen member chooses to cancel it. For more information on evergreen or any of the changes at the Reily Center, call Kathlyn Broussard at 862-8000, ext. 2431, or visit the membership offices at the Reily Center.

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