Staff Retirement Benefits Increased

May 1, 1998

Nick Marinello

Come July 1, staff members eligible for retirement benefits will see an increase in the university's contribution to their retirement plans. As reported in the February issue of Inside Tulane, the University Senate asked the Staff Advisory Council to poll its constituents as to the use of $175,000 in funds set aside for staff.

Staff members were asked if they preferred the money be used in equalizing faculty and staff retirements benefits or raising the salaries for staff members below the minimum of their salary grades. "It was overwhelming," said Maury Duplantis, SAC president.

"Ninety-nine percent were in favor of the retirement increase. The general consensus was that the administration will have to upgrade the salaries anyway."

The university currently pays 7 percent of staff members' gross annual income to their retirement plans. The increase will bring that figure up to 7.5 percent. Faculty members currently receive an 8-percent contribution to their retirement plans from the university. Tulane also matches faculty members' contributions up to an additional 2 percent.

Duplantis said that equalizing the retirement benefits for faculty and staff has been one of the mains goals of the SAC.

"We feel that the administration will continue to make retirement contributions more equitable. By giving us the half a percent they admitted that it was an inequity. Eventually they will match the 8 percent contribution and the 2 percent matching contribution."

Without representation? According to Duplantis, the Staff Advisory Council also is concerned that staff members in departments that have been relocated on campus may have difficulty maintaining contact with their SAC representatives.

"Some departments move across campus and it makes it more difficult for their representatives to keep up with relocated staff members," he said, adding that it would be better for relocated staff to be represented through their new district.

To find out the name of the representative of your district, call Eileen deHaro at 862-8040, ext. 287.

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