Staff Advisory Council 1998-99 Representatives

October 1, 1998

Inside Tulane staff

The Staff Advisory Council is the representative body for staff throughout the university. Following is a list of districts and 1998-99 representatives. Districts 1-15 cover the uptown campus and districts 16-27 represent the medical center campuses.

District 1 Senior vice president and general counsel's office, president's office, registrar's office, Equal Employment Opportunity, undergraduate admission, insurance/risk management, internal audit, technology, senior vice president of operations and chief financial officer, Graduate School, liberal arts and sciences dean's office, math, research, government affairs, provost's office, institutional planning, University College Representative: Deborah Troescher, Graduate School, 865-5100 ext. 1859

Alternate: (vacant) District 2 English, honors program, political science, history, economics, teacher education center, Latin American studies, Murphy Institute, Amistad Research Center, social work, Tulane College dean's office Representative: Letitia Summerlin, social work, 862-3476

Alternate: (vacant) District 3 Geology, Middle American Research Institute, ecology, evolution and organismal biology, architecture, infrastructure services Representative: Mary M. McClain, ecology, evolution and organismal biology, 865-5191

Alternate: Brendin Harb, infrastructure services, 865-5631 ext. 2508 District 4 Electrical engineering and computer science, engineering dean's office, civil engineering, electrical engineering, educational resources and counseling, mechanical services, financial aid, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, coordinated instrumentation facility, cell and molecular biology, chemistry, physics, psychology Representative: Patricia Hinds, financial aid, 865-2293

Alternate: Diane Lenz, civil and environmental engineering, 865-5778 District 5 Controller, finance and budget, accounting, treasurer, payroll, restricted fund accounting, cost studies, dean of students, career services center, vice president of student affairs, student life Representative: Lisa C. LeBlanc, accounting, 865-5371

Alternate: Verna Smith, accounting, 865-5371 ext. 2688 District 6 Freeman business school, business library, secretary of the senate, Navy ROTC, telecommunications Representative: Jamie Byrnes, business school, 865-5407

Alternate: Cora Carter Scott, business school, 865-5666 District 7 Law School, law library Representative: Michele R. Saunders, Law School, 865-5934

Alternate: Rita LoPiccolo, Law School, 865-5990 District 8 Card services, university printing, housing and residence life, accounts receivable, campus services, student loans Representative: Deidra Harris-Lumpkins, housing and residence life, 865-5724

Alternate: Carmel Hill, accounts receivable, 865-5369 District 9A Donor relations, development research, alumni and development information services, major gifts, planned gifts, corporate and foundation relations, university publications Representative: Gary H. Chisolm, development services, 865-5793, ext. 1318.

Alternate: Marie Long, corporate and foundation relations, 865-5745 District 9B Alumni affairs, annual fund, Army ROTC, Air Force ROTC Representative: Suzanne M. Valtierra, alumni affairs, 865-5901

Alternate: Sloane Marie Signal, alumni affairs, 865-5901, ext. 8380 District 10 Campus recreation (includes University Center), public safety, human resources, conference services, copy center, auxiliary services Representative: Jonathan Patterson, public safety, 865-5381

Alternate: Kathlyn Broussard, campus recreation, 865-5431 District 11 Carpentry, electrical, grounds, housing maintenance, instrumentation, key shop, machine shop, plumbing, refrigeration, support services, painting, power plant Representative: Alfred J. Morris Jr, refuse operations, 865-5169

Alternate: Charles McGrath, painting, 865-5169 ext. 2167 District 12 Physical plant administration, fire and safety, logistics, purchasing, campus planning, recycling Representative: Tyrone M. Cochran, physical plant/housing, 865-5860

Alternate: (vacant) District 13 Louisiana Alliance, athletics, student health (uptown) Representative: Michael J. Cuomo, student health, 865-5255 ext. 236 Alternate: Marion Mickey Weitsen, student health, 865-5255 ext. 204 District 14 Anthropology, art, classics, communication, French and Italian, German and Slavic languages, Jewish studies, language lab, music, philosophy, sociology, Spanish and Portuguese, theatre and dance, international studies center, Newcomb dean's office, Newcomb center for research on women, Newcomb children's center, English as a Second Language Institute Representative: E. Fionuala McGlinchey, Newcomb dean's office, 865-5540

Alternate: Nancie Biver, Newcomb dean's office, 865-5795 District 15 Howard-Tilton library, international student center, vice president for business and campus services' office Representative: Miriam Espinosa, Howard-Tilton Library, 865-5592

Alternate: Suzanne V. Lossi, Latin American library, 865-5681 District 16 Primate center Representative: Eileen deHaro, primate center, 892-2040 ext. 287

Alternate: Mark Murchison, primate center, 892-2040 ext. 316 District 17 Medical school business office, administrative services, human resources, purchasing, affiliated services, parking services, telecommunications, gift shop Representative: Lois Browne, financial aid, 585-6135

Alternate: Debra Surtain, financial services, 588-5307 District 18 Medical school dean's office, admissions, alumni affairs, chancellor's office, planning, medical center advancement, public relations, student affairs, MedRep Representative: Charlotte Steger, student affairs, 587-7423

Alternate: Sonia McCormick, medical center advancement, 588-5306 District 19 School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine Representative: Jerri M. Tomlinson, health systems management, 588-5253

Alternate: Jeffery T. Johnson, public health dean's office, 588-5387 District 20 Community medicine, clinical immunology, immunology, cardiology, infectious disease, pulmonary, cancer center, center for bioenvironmental research Representative: Kathleen Brumfield, infectious disease, 587-7316

Alternate: Sheree T. Venson-Nelson, clinical immunology, 588-5585 District 21 Medicine administrative office, diabetes program, general internal medicine, hematology, experimental medicine, gastroenterology and hepatology, general clinical research center, nephrology, rheumatology, Hutchinson Clinic, USJapan lab, peptide research Representative: Karyn A. Van Buren, peptide research, 588-2295

Alternate: Maria H. Cali, medicine, 582-7810 District 22 Plant operations, facilities services, facilities management Representative: Mike Campagno, plant operations, 588-5424

Alternate: Lita Baptiste, facilities management, 588-5552 District 23 Security, environmental health and safety, medical library, continuing education Representative: Bobby C. Guntner, security service, 588-5531

Alternate: Barbara A. Volo, medical library, 588-5319 District 24 Anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, physiology, vivarium Representative: Gilbert Estrada, biochemistry, 588-5293

Alternate: Judy Wigginton, pharmacology, 584-2624 District 25 Anesthesiology, dermatology, neurosurgery, psychiatry and neurology, radiology, surgery Representative: Jill Guastella, surgery, 588-5128

Alternate: Nona P. Whitman, psychiatry and neurology, 588-5401 District 26 Human genetics, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, otolaryngology, urology Representative: Ann Fabacher, obstetrics and gynecology, 588-5217

Alternate: Gerrie Savage, orthopaedics, 588-5807 District 27 Faculty practice plan Representative: Shirley R. Tubre, faculty practice planfinancial services, 587-2135

Alternate: Cheryl Conway, faculty practice planphysician billing, 587-7435

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