New Athletics Logo Fills the Bill

September 1, 1998

Carol Schlueter

A broad-based campus committee has developed a new athletic symbol that will be used by all university teams. After more than a year of planning and design, the result is a new look that retains the Green Wave name and builds on the traditional green and blue colors.

A steely eyed pelican, diving into a green wave that surges over the Tulane name, presides over the new logo, which has been painted on the floor of Avron B. Fogelman Arena in Devlin Fieldhouse for basketball season and will appear on the Superdome field. A smaller symbol using a cresting wave over a "T" will adorn athletic uniforms. The new looks were unveiled on Aug. 13 at a press conference that filled the Kendall Cram Room with Tulane coaches, staff and fans.

Sandy Barbour, athletics director, spelled out the goal of the logo changes--"to enhance the image, awareness and marketing of Tulane athletics" while "holding true" to the traditions of Tulane's Green Wave nickname and green and blue colors. The result, Barbour said, was a new look that shows pride, determination and competitiveness through dynamic images of action and spirit.

The committee, led by Vince Granito, assistant athletic director for ticket operations and sales, searched for an expanded logo that would add excitement, and dollars from merchandise sales, to Tulane athletics. Former Tulane images, such as the "T" with two waves across it, "had very limited usage, limited in imagery and representation of the university and its athletic teams," Granito says.

The new logos, designed by a leading athletic design firm, are "more colorful, more creative and more marketable. In other words, more in tune with what's happening in sports." He calls the new look a "logical progression" of the Tulane nickname--and more "fan-friendly." The choice of a pelican figure, which also will be embodied as the mascot appearing at all athletic contests starting this fall, was the result of research.

As Louisiana's state bird, the pelican appears on the Tulane crest. After years of struggling to come up with a mascot that represented "Green Wave," Granito believes the pelican, well, fills the bill. The costumed mascot, to be named in a contest, was introduced to students in late August. Faculty, staff and students can submit names by Sept. 8 through a new Web site ( Three names will be voted on by the student body and announced Sept. 24.

Meanwhile, merchandise with the new logos will be on sports specialty and department store shelves this fall. While the New Orleans area will see more Tulane items such as shirts and hats available, Granito hopes the new merchandise will have broader appeal.

"We believe its attractiveness will assist in incremental sales of Tulane merchandise, both from alumni nationally and the public in general," he says. "And the money does return to Tulane."

The university receives a royalty fee from the manufacturer on any item produced for resale that carries a Tulane logo.

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