June 1, 1997

Nick Marinello

Yahoo! Internet Life magazine has named Tulane No. 30 on its list of America's 100 Most Wired Colleges. The survey, which appeared in the magazine's May issue, was intended to determine which schools provide the best access and exposure to the Internet. Rankings were based on student services, hardware and wiring, academic use of the Internet, and recreational use of the Internet.

"We're obviously flattered," said Jed Diem, director of academic computing. "Tulane's investment in information technology has paid off."

Diem notes that Tulane's student web site and the availability of e-mail and World Wide Web access for every student are among the high-tech advantages that the university offers.

"Tulane has done a pretty good job in establishing and maintaining the infrastructure," said Diem, who admits that there are other areas where Tulane Computing Services must improve. "We do recognize there is a support problem and are trying to immediately address that by adding more full-time help desk staff for routine questions for people to get rapid, accurate answers."

Diem also said that there is ongoing discussion about establishing effective, long-term support. "It takes people, and that takes money," he said. Yahoo! Internet Life is an offshoot of the Yahoo! on-line directory that catalogues World Wide Web sites. It plans to make the survey an annual spring feature.

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