Teaching Conference Tackles Technology

March 1, 1997

Judith Zwolak

Worried about the Web? Does e- mail make you edgy? Learn how to harness the power of information technology in the classroom at this spring's teaching conference, which will take place in the Richardson Memorial Building from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday, April 5. Jim Jennings, assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science, organized the conference, entitled "Technology-enhanced Education at Tulane: Current and Future."

Alistair Fraser, professor of meteorology at Pennsylvania State University and frequent lecturer on computer-enhanced teaching, will present the keynote address on "The Web, a classroom sans walls." Jennings says the prominence of the World Wide Web and the extensive networking infrastructure on Tulane's campus makes information technology available to almost all university teachers. "But, as a generation of educators, we were never taught how to use this technology," Jennings says.

When using technology in the classroom, teachers are faced first with pedagogical questions. Asks Jennings: "How do you use this material? When does it substitute for a textbook or handout? When does it encourage students to participate more actively in what they're learning?" Other issues are more practical. "It's the nuts and bolts," he says. "Once you've decided you want to have all of the students in the class communicate with each other by e-mail, for instance, how do you actually do it?"

The conference is sponsored by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, School of Engineering Dean's Office, Tulane Lilly Teaching Fellows Program, the Office for Institutional Planning, Research and Innovation, and the U.S./China Institute for Energy and the Environment.

Plenary speaker: Alistair Fraser, professor of meteorology at Pennsylvania State University Schedule: The Web, a classroom sans walls Technology in the classroom? (session) Liberal arts and sciences Technology initiative (panel) Multimedia archives online (session) Software for interactive learning (panel) Logistics--Using technology in teaching (panel)

Each session includes presentations from three to four Tulane faculty members. Each panel is a discussion with three to five Tulane faculty members. All Tulane faculty and graduate students involved in teaching are welcome to the conference. Preregistered attendees will receive a printed proceeding and free refreshments at the symposium.

Attendees may register by March 28 through campus mail, voice mail, e-mail or fax to: James S. Jennings, assistant professor; Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science voice: 862-3370, fax: 862-3293.

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