Bridging the Gap

December 1, 1997

Judith Zwolak

Although it looked like it in early November, the structure towering over Liberty Street behind the hospital isn't elevated modern art. It's the skeleton of what will eventually become a bridge connecting the Saratoga Street parking garage to the Tidewater Building.

Earl Bihlmeyer, senior associate vice chancellor of facilities management, says, "The bridge is the last one to connect all of the existing buildings at the medical center. It's been a dream for the last 12 years to get everything connected."

The bridge, scheduled to open this month, spans across Liberty Street to connect the second floor of the parking garage with the second floor of the DCI Building, which is leased by the hospital. Once across the bridge, individuals walk down a hallway inside the DCI Building and take stairs or an elevator to the first floor.

There, an opening in the walls of the abutting Tidewater and DCI Buildings allows a secure passage between the two structures, Bihlmeyer says. Another bridge in the downtown campus's future, says Bihlmeyer, will connect the Saratoga Street parking garage with the new student residences currently under construction at Tulane Avenue and Elk Place.

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