Tulane University Shatters Application Records as Interest Soars in New Orleans Institution

January 29, 2009

Mike Strecker
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Nearly 40,000 high school seniors from around the country have applied to be part of Tulane University’s 1,400-member fall 2009 freshman class, shattering last year’s record-breaking number of 34,125 applicants and revealing a renewed, sustained interest in Tulane just three and a half years after Hurricane Katrina flooded 70 percent of its campus and inflicted more than $650 million in damages. Based on the latest figures, Tulane’s applications have now more than doubled since Hurricane Katrina.

In addition to breaking its own application record of last year, the academic quality of Tulane’s applicant pool is also at an all-time high. Hence, the university anticipates setting another academic quality record for its fall 2009 entering class as it did in fall 2008

“At this time last year we had 33,756 applications and we thought that was an amazing number. This year’s applicants, both in terms of numbers (39,763 and counting) and quality, are nothing short of phenomenal,” Tulane University President Scott Cowen said.

Cowen credits the increased interest in Tulane to several factors including a university-wide Renewal Plan enacted after Hurricane Katrina that made public service a requirement of graduation. Tulane is the only major research university in the country that has public service as part of its core curriculum. Since this requirement became effective in 2006 Tulane has been nationally recognized on multiple occasions for its civic engagement programs, while also being consistently ranked in the top tier of national research universities. Tulane was also named one the "Hottest Schools in America" by Newsweek magazine in 2008; the second time it received that recognition in the last six years.

Tulane’s fall entering class of 1,400 students, out of nearly 40,000 applicants, will be selected based on their SAT/ACT scores, high school class rank and other factors including writing and communication skills, character and level of community involvement.

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