Mayor Landrieu and Tulane University Announce  Community Planning Process for On-Campus Stadium

May 15, 2012

Mike Strecker
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Tulane University will hold  three community forums to describe plans for its new on-campus stadium and incorporate community input.

Tulane University today announced that it will hold a series of three community forums to describe plans for its new on-campus stadium and incorporate community input.

The forums, which will cover separate topics, will be held June 6, June 18 and July 11 on Tulane University’s uptown campus. A planning consultant chosen with input from the Mayor's Office and neighborhood representatives will moderate them following national best practices used for similar projects elsewhere in the country.  Plans for traffic and parking management, schematic design, stadium usage and game day operations will be sufficiently complete and will be presented at the forums.

"These programs are designed to allow inclusive community participation," says Yvette Jones, executive vice president for University Relations and Development.  "I know from previous meetings with our neighbors that we will have a wide-ranging conversation that will allow us to address, and hopefully resolve any areas of concern.”

While Tulane University remains unequivocally opposed to the motion for an Interim Zoning District (IZD) recommended by the City Council on May 3, its discussions with the neighbors and others interested in the new stadium will continue.

The forums are strongly endorsed by New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu. Landrieu said, "I applaud Tulane for taking this step.  As is customary in large scale projects before the City, it is our goal for the university and neighborhood to come together to have a thoughtful discussion of each side's concerns. When people have a chance to listen to each other and discuss issues, very often they discover there is more common ground than they thought."

He continued, "The process being outlined today will allow for thoughtful and constructive community engagement. I intend to work aggressively with Tulane and the neighbors to ensure that its parking and traffic plans make sense and minimize impact on the surrounding neighborhoods. But we cannot and should not stall progress. We can achieve the end result of having meaningful discussions about our concerns without the IZD, as this process lays out."

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