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'Return' Shirt Brings Rewards

May 5, 2006

Carol Schlueter

A creative T-shirt idea by Tulane junior Jon Sider, combined with a "strong desire to help Tulane," turned into a successful fundraising project that raised more than $3,000 for the university.

Cowen with Return shirt

Junior Jon Sider, right, brought more than just his "reTUrn"
T-shirt to Tulane President Scott Cowen. Sider also presented
Cowen with a check to the university for the proceeds of his shirt
fundraising project.

It was last November when Sider, a business major, started brainstorming T-shirt ideas while living in London during the semester.

"I wanted the shirt to make a statement and represent the Tulane community supporting and returning back to its school and city," he said. "Within minutes I had written the word reTUrn on my pad of paper and noticed the TU in the middle. From there, the idea just took off." 

Sider started selling his "reTUrn" shirt on the Internet through the website and spread the word about the shirt to friends and family. The Tulane community responded positively. 

"The response I received about the reTUrn T-shirt was amazing," Sider said. "Everyone I knew was willing to help out my cause by either purchasing a T-shirt, spreading the word, or both. The people I came in contact with were very generous and willing to help." He still has a few shirts available at the website. 

Sider proudly presented President Scott Cowen with a check recently for $3,297.22 in proceeds from the fundraising project. Meanwhile, Sider is thrilled with his own reTUrn to campus. 

"After spending a semester abroad in London due to Hurricane Katrina, it is great to be back at Tulane and in New Orleans," he said. "Though New Orleans has experienced a great amount of setbacks due to Hurricane Katrina, I realize the unique opportunities available now for students to help rebuild and re-establish the great university of Tulane and the great city of New Orleans. The campus life of Tulane feels no different than before and is a home for all who attend."

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