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Bracelets Round Up Dollars

October 13, 2005

Arthur Nead

Slide that yellow "Live Strong" rubber wristband a little way up your arm to make room for the new green Tulane wristband. Inscribed with "Roll Wave" on one side and "Save NOLA" on the other, it also bears the Tulane Green Wave logo.
Bracelets Round Up Dollars
And you can add to your wristband collection a purple band developed by another group of Tulane students to benefit the Greater New Orleans Foundation.

The green "Roll Wave" wristband is the inspiration of Tulane sophomore and Boston native Craig Karger. Like other Tulane students, Karger evacuated as Hurricane Katrina turned toward New Orleans. First heading to Houston with a group of students, Karger then went to Miami to stay with his family until Tulane reopens in January. He is currently taking courses in his major, history, at the University of Miami.

"I wanted to do something for the school and for the people of New Orleans," Karger says. "I remembered the Live Strong wristbands and how well they sold."

Karger's plan is to raise money and awareness to help Tulane and New Orleans by selling the wristbands to Tulane students scattered around the globe.

"I thought of doing the bands with the Tulane logo and saying on it," says Karger. "But I didn't want to start without getting permission from the school itself."

Karger asked Tulane President Scott Cowen for permission to use the Tulane logo during one of the president's live chats, and got the green light. By Oct. 1, Karger had ordered 1,000 of the bands, and was preparing to send out batches to Tulane community members who ordered them.

"Each bracelet is $4, and they can be ordered online at," says Karger. "We plan on giving a little more than half the money to the school and the rest to the Red Cross."

He adds, "It's a tough situation," reflecting on the impact of Katrina and Rita. "When I get back, I hope to do everything possible through Tulane for the relief effort to help the city recover."

Another awareness bracelet created by Tulane students is in circulation--this one a deep royal purple color, imprinted with the letters "NOLA" flanked by fleur de lis. Josh Solowiejczyk, a sophomore at Tulane College, and sister Arielle Solowiejczyk, a senior at Newcomb College, hatched the idea to sell awareness bracelets in the days immediately after Katrina in order to benefit the city of New Orleans.

With the help of their parents and friends, the Solowiejczyks put together a non-profit group called the Touch New Orleans Foundation, through which they sell the bracelets for $5, with all proceeds going to The Greater New Orleans Foundation.

Both Josh and Arielle are taking classes at the University of Pennsylvania this semester. Says Josh, "We are selling the bracelets around campus locally, as well as through friends in the New York and L.A. areas, in addition to our website,"

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