Tulane students glad to be back at Bruff

August 29, 2012 7:35 PM

Mike Strecker

It wasn’t a home cooked meal but for the 2,300 students riding out the storm on Tulane’s uptown campus, the first night back at Bruff was the next best thing.

"It's good. We were happy they had a vegetarian selection," Jessie Axsom, a first-year student from Blacksburg, VA, said, speaking for a group of students with whom she had become fast friends thanks to Isaac.

"I never thought I would say I would miss eating at Bruff but after the last few days this is great," Krishna Pandya, a first-year student from Westchester, NY, said to laughs and nods of assent.                                

Staff members from Facility Services and other departments scrambled to get Bruff up to snuff for dinnertime Wednesday evening after the eye of the storm had passed. The effort gave students a hot meal as well as a welcome relief from the cabin fever that had started to settle in despite the games, sing-alongs and bonhomie that helped pass the hours. Bruff will also be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow.

"Nothing beats the ambience of Bruff," joked Tulane senior Stefan Brozovich.

Maybe, but this was not leisure dining. Students were escorted in groups of 400 to 500 and given 30 minutes to grab a plate of grilled chicken breast or a veggie patty; mashed potatoes and gravy; and a choice of pecan, lemon meringue or apple pie. Judging from Brozovich’s plate, which was all but licked clean, 30 minutes gave him plenty of time to spare.

"It's going remarkably well," said Rob Hailey, senior associate vice president of university services, who helped coordinate the event. "The RAs are the key to this. They bring them in, clean the tables, stack the cups and get ready for a new group."   

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