Sophomores win 2013 Class Challenge

December 4, 2013 11:00 AM

Erika Herran

Four undergraduate classes competed for three weeks to rally their classmates to donate to the Tulane Fund. The results are in: Tulane University sophomores are the winners of the 2013 Class Challenge.

Promotion of the Class Challenge on campus

During the Class Challenge drive, students post the reasons why they love Tulane University and New Orleans. Answers included, "I love the Saints," "I love the incredible warm community," and "I love Tulane because New Orleans is beautiful." (Photo by Paula Burch-Celentano)

The student-led campaign was launched in November to raise awareness about philanthropy and was the first major crowdfunding effort ever to be supported by the university. Undergraduates participated by donating to the Tulane Fund, the university’s largest source of current-use annual support that is designated to areas such as scholarships, student research, public service opportunities and more.

“We learned that more often than not, the Tulane Fund supports the things we love most about our university,” says Tulane senior Ellye Birnbrey. “For me, being a part of the Class Challenge was a way to give Tulane my stamp of approval and show how proud I am to be a Tulanian.”

Tulane sophomores won a landslide victory in the challenge with 123 student donors. Seniors came in second place with 58.

“This shows that sophomores have a ton of class spirit and realize Tulane is a special place,” says Patrick Wroe, a Tulane sophomore who also was a lead fundraiser in the challenge.

Overall, the Class Challenge brought in 234 student donors and more than $1,300 for the Tulane Fund. The average student donation was $5. 

“We’re students, so this isn’t about how much money we give,” says Wroe. “The challenge is about creating a philanthropic environment among Tulane students. It revealed that students want to give back and show their appreciation for their college experience.”

For the win, sophomores who participated will celebrate this spring with a class gathering at No. 2 Audubon Place, Tulane President Scott Cowen’s residence.

“I’m looking forward to a celebrating with 122 of my fellow sophomores,” says Wroe. “I don’t know how many people will fit in President Cowen’s house, but we’ll try to squeeze in.”

Erika Herran is a writer in the Office of Development Communications. 

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