KIPP graduates welcome at Tulane

November 30, 2011 5:45 AM

Alicia Duplessis Jasmin

When Tulane President Scott Cowen asked a room full of eighth graders at a KIPP New Orleans charter school, “Who wants to go to college?,” every student raised a hand. Through a new partnership announced by Cowen on Tuesday afternoon (Nov. 28), students graduating from KIPP charter schools around the nation will be eligible for 10 Tulane University scholarships annually.

Tulane and KIPP partner to produce better students and teachers

Tulane President Scott Cowen, center, and KIPP's Mike Feinberg share shirts. (Photos by Paula Burch-Celentano)

Cowen and KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) administrators hope that this partnership will lead to higher college completion rates among KIPP graduates.

Tulane and KIPP partner to produce better students and teachers

KIPP students watch Tuesday's (Nov. 28) news conference.

“KIPP is the highest performing charter network in the United States, and Tulane is about finding excellent students who have the potential to be extraordinary leaders in the world,” said Cowen. “This is a natural partnership.”

Beginning in the 2012–2013 academic year, students enrolled in KIPP’s 109 schools across the country may apply for the Tulane scholarships. 

New Orleans is home to nine KIPP campuses. In total, 32,000 students are enrolled in KIPP schools nationally.

Mike Feinberg, co-founder of KIPP, told the students on Tuesday that KIPP’s goal isn’t simply to get them into college, but also to make sure they finish.

“We want you going to college not to take remedial classes, but to take the advanced, hard classes,” said Feinberg. 

“If we prepare you now, you will shine in those classes,” he said.

In addition to the scholarships announced at Tuesday's news conference, KIPP has agreed to allow students enrolled in the Tulane Teacher Certification Program to receive hands-on experience working within the KIPP network.



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