New ‘posse’ of first-year students on campus

November 29, 2011 5:45 AM

Fran Simon

A third group of students from Los Angeles is studying at Tulane this semester with scholarships from the Posse Foundation. Posse scholars are supported from their senior year in high school through their college graduation and beyond.


A third group of students from Los Angeles is at Tulane this semester, thanks to scholarships from the Posse Foundation. (Photo from the Posse Foundation)

The Posse Foundation identifies students from less advantaged, urban environments who have academic and leadership potential, and awards them merit-based scholarships. Each year since 2009, Tulane has welcomed a new cohort of Posse students. Tulane President Scott Cowen says the program promises to enhance the diversity and quality of the undergraduate student body.

The Posse Foundation was founded in 1989 after a young educator heard a student say that he would never have dropped out of college if he had had his “posse” with him.

Emily Cardinas, who started at Tulane this semester, is from the Highland Park neighborhood of LA. “I always wanted to go to a good private university, so I could get a good education, have a great life, and do good in the world,” says Cardinas, who plans to have a triple major in environmental studies, African and African diaspora studies, and either international development or the new social entrepreneurship coordinate major which is in development.

Cardinas says her group is working to actualize one of the goals set forth by the Posse Foundation — to expand the Tulane community’s understanding of diversity and inclusion.

“We’re trying to make something really good happen on campus, to make the change that we were brought here to do,” Cardinas says.

Jimmy Huck, assistant professor of Latin American studies, is mentor for the third Posse group at Tulane. He says, “Their ability to rely on the Posse community has provided a solid support network to help them along in the growth and adaptive process.”

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