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October 2, 2012 8:30 AM

Fran Simon

We’ve been receiving feedback on improvements that we’ve made in New Wave, and we’d like our readers to let us know what you’d like to read.

We have received congratulations on New Wave’s 7th anniversary and props for the new look this academic year.

“It’s like you took the New Wave out to a spa and treated it to a shot of web botox for its birthday,” wrote one reader. “I’m digging the sleek new format, and it just seems to give the reader access to more complete Tulane coverage.”

Simon says

Sometimes, a particular story touches a reader in an unexpected way.

“Thank you for the article on hepatitis C; it is excellent. It could save lives,” wrote a reader.  “My ‘baby boomer’ brother was diagnosed with hepatitis C sometime in 2003 or 2004. I am not sure exactly when because he did not want to tell any of his family.  He was receiving treatment at the VA Hospital in New Orleans. Post Katrina he missed appointments as he was ill and the hospital in New Orleans was closed.  By September 2006 he was in a coma at the VA Hospital in Biloxi and died there the age of 48. Being born in 1965, it never occurred to me that I should get checked for the virus. I will now!”

New Wave seeks to tell the story of Tulane University, to enlighten and entertain. We hope you’ll turn to the New Wave front page to check out the calendar of upcoming events on the Tulane campuses and the featured event in the “Don’t Miss” spotlight. You’ll also see series of “Editor’s Picks” and other stories you might have missed.

And, if there’s a story about Tulane that you think would be of interest to our broad readership, please write to let me know.

Fran Simon is managing editor of New Wave.

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