TUPD has a new look for the new academic year

September 5, 2012 3:00 PM

New Wave staff

This fall the Tulane University Police Department is upgrading the appearance of officer uniforms and the painting on patrol cars in an effort to increase the visibility of a police presence on the Tulane campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods.

TUPD new design

The new design of uniforms and graphics on cars make officers and their vehicles readily identifiable as part of the Tulane University Police Department. (Photo by Paula Burch-Celentano)

This move also will help unify all the officers employed by Tulane under the common identity of TUPD, as well as increase safety for students, faculty and staff members, says TUPD superintendent Jon Barnwell.

Matching uniforms and police cars for the officers on both the uptown university campus and downtown health sciences campus are a change from the previously unmarked police vehicles and non-standard uniforms.

The new designs will make the officers and their vehicles more readily identifiable as part of the Tulane police force.

This will enhance safety and combine all of the university’s officers together under the established branding and identity as Tulane University police, Barnwell says.

Increased visibility of TUPD’s officers will serve as a natural crime deterrent and lead to a greater level of comfort and safety for the campus community, he adds. This is part of the university police department’s ongoing resolution to promote safety, safety education and crime prevention on both campuses and in the surrounding areas.

Other efforts include partnerships with the New Orleans Police Department and a student safety committee, which proposes new and progressive ideas for safe and efficient university policing.

“We are aiming for visibility as Tulane, to promote Tulane University and the Tulane police force,” Barnwell says. “We are striving to be a benchmark private university police department with services that are just as excellent as the level of education provided to our students.”

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