Welcome to New Wave v.2012

September 6, 2012 9:00 AM

Fran Simon

New Wave was born out of necessity after Hurricane Katrina, to reach our far-flung students, faculty and staff members and the many others who wanted to know about Tulane University. For seven years, New Wave has been the daily online news of Tulane University. What’s new now?

Simon Says


A week before the start of the fall semester, New Wave rolled out with a fresh design and all sorts of new content for our readers to enjoy. In the past, we posted a handful of fresh stories each morning; now our staff is posting throughout the day to tell the story of what’s happening on the Tulane campuses.

Just as our new robust design was settling in, Hurricane Isaac came to town. We were reporting from around campus to bring a sense of comfort to those reading from afar, and a sense of community for those who were bonding during the shared experience. It was during this time that we realized how important it is to deliver ongoing news coverage to our audience.

Compared to the first week of the fall semester last year, we had nearly four times the number of visitors to our website. The most-read articles were those pertaining to the preparation for Hurricane Isaac and how the university weathered the storm.

The top stories included these headlines:
Curfew planned for students living on campus
Hello Isaac 
Isaac presents dilemma to parents 
Tulane students glad to be back at Bruff
Students weather the storm in good spirits

On our front page we update the New Wave headlines throughout each work day. Check it out and let us know if you have news or if there are features you’d like to read about.

Fran Simon is managing editor of New Wave.

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