The Insider: Tales From a ‘Voracious Vegan’

June 20, 2011 5:43 AM


Suzannah Schneider was dubbed the “Vegan Seductress” by a high school friend because of her vegan diet and her compassion for animals. Now a junior at Tulane, Schneider has adopted that moniker for a new blog, the “Voracious Vegan Seductress,” that chronicles her experience as an intern at the Farm Sanctuary, an organization that works to protect farm animals from cruelty and promote vegan living. Read her interview with The Insider.


Insider: Why did you go vegan?

Suzannah: After learning about factory farming and the cruel slaughter practices that animals face, I knew that I could no longer consume any animal products. It just felt wrong to me.

Insider: Was becoming a vegan in high school tough?

Suzannah: My mom made the switch with me at the same time. Many people are the only vegans among their families and friends, and they face a lot of backlash. I did not.

Insider: How did you come up with the name of your blog?

Suzannah: My friend Natalie dubbed me the Vegan Seductress in high school, and it has stuck as a nickname since then. I added “voracious” because I love eating more than most things in life. People often think that vegans rarely eat and are waif-thin, but we adore food.

Insider: What can readers expect to read on your blog?

Suzannah: Readers can expect to read about my experiences on the farm. I’ll also write about the vegan lifestyle — cooking, eating, restaurants, clothes and personal products. I also want my blog to be informative and include reasons to change up your diet. It’s not my mission to convert anyone to veganism, but if people are interested, then the information should be easy to access.

Read more about the Farm Sanctuary.

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