Family honors father by raising $104,000 for prostate cancer research

June 13, 2013 11:00 AM

Melanie N. Cross

Historic Stella Plantation in Braithwaite, La., was the site of Gunning for a Cure, a sporting clays fundraiser that raised more than $104,000 for Dr. Oliver Sartor’s Prostate Cancer Research Fund at Tulane Cancer Center. The event, held on a Saturday in March, was planned and hosted by the family and associates of Sartor’s friend and former patient, Chalin Perez.

Stella Plantation

The Perez family home and site of Gunning for a Cure, Stella is a 1,500-acre event venue and working plantation in lower Plaquemines Parish that annually produces citrus fruit, pecans and crawfish.

Chalin Perez, who served as president of the Plaquemines Parish Council for many years, joined the Naval ROTC at Tulane University in 1940, and was commissioned as an ensign upon graduation in 1943. He returned to Tulane after the war and received his law degree in 1948.
“Following Dad’s prostate cancer diagnosis, Dr. Sartor spent countless hours with our family, answering questions, quelling fears, treating dad, and even attending a hunting trip or two,” says Chalyn Perez, Perez’s son. “All of his efforts made us believe that there was a way to live with this disease without sacrificing all that you enjoy about life.”
Chalyn and his siblings, Kathlyn, Cherielyn and Carlyn, say they hope to provide financial support to continue Sartor’s research and assist him in his efforts to help other patients and families.
“The Perez family, like many others in Louisiana, has been deeply impacted by prostate cancer,” Sartor says. “Their loving father and my dear friend fought hard against this disease. Their experience has motivated them to continue his fight by raising funds to help find new treatment options and hopefully, one day, a cure. I am humbled by their faith and their passion to make a difference, and I will invest their hard-earned funds in research that will hopefully help us find answers.”
Sporting clays fundraisers called the One Man Shoot in Baton Rouge, La., and Shreveport/Bossier City, La., on Aug. 3 and on Oct. 4–5 also will support the research.

Melanie Cross is manager of communications at the Tulane Cancer Center.

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