Color, texture, nature drive her creativity

June 10, 2014 8:45 AM

Sally Asher

Staff in the City

For Makenzie Kozojet, the creative process provides her the ability to slow down and focus on the details around her. 

Makenzie Kozojet

Makenzie Kozojet, a development communications coordinator, will have her mixed media acrylic paintings on display June 18 at Republic. (Photo by Sally Asher)

It is in these moments of quiet concentration that Kozojet is able to produce her pieces of art — mixed media acrylic paintings with image transfers on wood and canvas that combine abstract elements with realism. 

Kozojet, who graduated last year from Tulane University with a Bachelor of Arts focused in painting and drawing and a minor in art history, started working at the university earlier this year as the development communications coordinator. 

She jokes that she has come full circle as a student and now a staff member. So has her art. 

Kozojet credits her education at Tulane for giving her a more critical eye, and the ability to break the art process down into a malleable infrastructure that she can build on with brush strokes and images. 

“It has given me the foundation to know the technical side of how to create art from the ground up,” she says, “as well as furthered my creativity and driven me in a way to think of art that I never would have done.” 

By using these tools, Kozojet is able to ask herself questions on how to create a story or a visual puzzle that works harmoniously.

This sense of harmony in Kozojet’s artistic endeavors will be on display in an upcoming show by RAW, an international independent arts organization that strives to provide exposure to artists early in their careers. According to Kozojet, RAW offers a support network for artists in a non-competitive environment. 

Her artwork will be displayed for one night only on June 18 at Republic, 828 S. Peters St., from 7 until 11 p.m., with 20 other visual artists, filmmakers, a makeup artist and two bands. Tickets for the event are on sale online.

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