Need time for contemplation? Try a forest retreat

April 4, 2014 8:45 AM

Carol Schlueter

It is a secluded setting ideal for contemplation and study, a Tulane University program that has hosted retreats for many artists, writers and musicians. Now A Studio in the Woods is opening its gate to Tulane faculty members and advanced students from all disciplines for one- and two-week scholarly retreat residencies, along with stipends.

Gate at A Studio in the Woods

Located just 30 minutes from the Tulane uptown campus, A Studio in the Woods is dedicated to preserving the endangered bottomland hardwood forest and providing within it a peaceful retreat for uninterrupted work. (Photo from A Studio in the Woods)

The residencies will be held this fall at the studio, located just 30 minutes from the Tulane uptown campus but offering the seclusion of a retreat center within the hardwood forest of lower coast Algiers, La.

“We’re very pleased to be able to offer these to the Tulane community,” says Ama Rogan, managing director of the studio. “A lot can happen in a protected retreat away from daily demands, not just professionally but also personally.”

The application deadline is April 14, and those persons interested will need to describe the project they want to pursue at the studio in overnight stays. An award of up to $1,400 per week will be offered to faculty members, while postdoctoral students would receive up to $900 a week and graduate students at the thesis or dissertation level as much as $600 a week.

The residencies are designed to “enhance and support the scholarship and creativity” of participants “to work on a discrete project or scholarly pursuit that can be new or complementary to ongoing work.”

Although the studio will give preference to those with environmental projects — the studio is collaborating with the Tulane/Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research — it hopes to have a good mix of participants and scholarly pursuits.

“These are open to any discipline,” Rogan says. “One of our goals is to get as many different faculty and students out here as possible, to understand the resource they have and how they can utilize it.” Complete details are available on the studio’s website or email

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