Honored women lawyers include 40-plus Tulane law graduates

March 19, 2014 11:30 AM

Linda P. Campbell

More than 40 Tulane University law alumnae, including Marian Mayer Berkett, a 1937 Tulane Law School graduate, are among the pioneers being honored at the New Orleans Bar Association’s first “Barristers for Brunch” event Thursday (March 20). 

Marian Mayer Berkett

Marian Mayer Berkett, a 1937 Tulane Law School graduate, is one of the 40-plus Tulane law graduates who will be honored by the New Orleans Bar Association on Thursday (March 20). (Photo by Rusty Costanza)

Starting with the late Bettie Runnels in 1898 and Florence Loeber in 1904, female graduates of Tulane Law School have played a major and influential role in diversifying the legal profession.

Tulanians include women from every decade, such as Claire Loeb (1924), Berkett (1937), Dorothy D. Wolbrette (1945), Adelaide W. Benjamin (1956), Phyllis M. Taylor (1966), Cynthia Ann Samuel (1973) and more.

The bar’s Women in the Profession Committee organized the event to recognize the first 100 women lawyers in the New Orleans community. The program, co-sponsored by Tulane Law School, is scheduled for 11 a.m. at the Sheraton Hotel’s Gallery Ballroom, 500 Canal St., New Orleans.

The list of honorees, who were licensed and practiced in the New Orleans area, spans 1898 through April 1974.

For more information about the event, contact the New Orleans Bar Association at 504-525-7453.

Tulane law graduates being honored are:

Bettie Runnels  
Florence Loeber
Claire Loeb
Juanita Tansey Parker
Marian Meyer Berkett
Marjorie Smith Zengel
Beverly Jewel Hess
Elizabeth Ridnour Haak
Kathlyn M. Roome
Aline Nobile Thompson
Marjorie L. Jackson
Dorothy D. Wolbrette
Anna Andollina
Lynn Piazza Jackson
Nadia St. Paul Moise
Louise Schramm Korns
June B. Cahn
Adelaide W. Benjamin
Margot L. Mazeau
Elizabeth Spink Karmazin
Gloria Irvine
Mildred L. Krieger
Margaret Cleve Spedale
Brenda Gail McDonough
Joy S. Miller
Phyllis M. Taylor
Camille Jones Strachan
Alma L Chasez
Norris S. L. Williams
Adriel G. Arceneaux
Janice Martin Foster
Sharon A. Perlis
J. Donice Alverson
Janet Wessler Marshall
Patricia A. Mathes
Edith Brown Clement
Ann H. Stafford
Cynthia Ann Samuel
Janice L. Gonzales
Kathleen S. Plemer
Cynthia Anne Wegmann
Cheryl B. Horton
Ann G. Roy

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